SoMee Social Hodl-Days (MVP) Launch Elections

Use the form below to access your elections for the SoMee MVP Launch Election choices. Note, this can only be submitted ONCE per person. 


The following deadlines are for all users. NOTE, for form submission, you have until the 31st to fill it out; however to earn 3x, you must fill out the form sooner.  NOTE ALSO, once the new chain is online, you'll be paid out in the 2x and 3x levels. 

  • Form Submission:  1/31/2021
  • 2x Submission: 1/31/2021
  • 3x Submission: 1/10/2021
NOTE: This form is just a formality to elect what you wish to do - we will honor whatever is in the WALLET not what is in this form, when doing the payouts. 
Why is SoMee Doing This?

SoMee is offering all users the opportunity to cash out their existing SoMee Points and GFuel completely OR remain powered up (SoMee Points must be powered up) to GFuel and Voting Power to receive 2X. 

Q. Why are we doing this!? 

A. This will allow us to work on the blockchain 21 Witness deployment without any disruption to the community during the process.  It is also a nice way to benefit those who remain powered up on the platform.

YOU CAN power up ONG during this time for purchase of SoMee Points and power up to GFuel for 2X bonus (Through the first week of January 2021) OR you can buy Power Up Packages the first week of January 2021 to receive 3X Bonus.

NOTE:  Everything will go back to normal once the blockchain and 21 witnesses are successfully configured.  Which means powering up, swaps, rewards, etc.,

All cash out elections will be paid VIA the updated token that will be replacing the current ONG token, but until then you can continue to buy SoMee Points with ONG and power up on the network through the first week of January 2021.

Once the new token is issued all those who elect to stay powered up will receive 2X of GFuel and SoMee Points!

For those who hold ONG you will be able to receive 1 to 1 swap with the new token when it is released.  There will be instructions once the new SOMEE token is released, so do not worry you will have plenty of time to do this once the replacement token is issued.


Q: What if I do not want to do anything and just leave my existing ONG where it is (wallet, exchange, etc.)?

A. That is fine.  You will have time once we release the new SOMEE updated ERC token to swap it 1 to 1. 

Q. Should I transfer all my ONG onto the SoMee platform to buy SoMee Points and power up into G-fuel?

A: It is a personal preference what you do; if you want to keep ONG where it is now, you will have plenty of time and opportunity to get the updated SOMEE token when it is released.  

Q: How do I get the 2X bonus?

A: Buy SoMee Points using the ONG Token and power up to GFuel BEFORE the end of the 1st week of January 2021.

Q: How do I get a 3X Bonus?

A: Buy Power Up Packages from now until the 1st week of January when the promotion ends at: 

Q: Where will the new SOMEE token be available?

A: It will be available everywhere that ONG is now.

Q: What is the new token contract address?

A: We will publish the new contract address when it is launched.

Q: Why are you replacing the ONG with a new token?

A: We had another project copy our ticker of ONG 2 years after we launched it, so we want our own unique ticker to avoid confusion.  Also, our growth is predicted to be much more than the current token supply can handle, we have a lot of game changing features coming next year with the new app, and partnerships lined up with various influencers and celebs.

Q. You mentioned during the AMA that ONG would become a governance token, so how will that work?

A. Due to the confusion this caused we will not discuss governance at this time. Once everyone completes the transition from ONG to SOMEE will present options to the valued community for discussion. 

HODL Details

1. SoMee ERC 777 is backwards compatible to ERC-20, more secure and updated!

2. New SOMEE token will work the same as ONG does now – Buy SoMee Points, GFuel, Power Up!

3. SoMee token will be utilized for DEFI after the March 2021 release with some unique features we cannot disclose right now.

4. NFT minting and collectibles – you will be able to mint collectible items or display them on your pages

5. More Utility with more options for lower rates, and lower fees and much more.

6. Finally, by purchasing SoMee Points with ONG then powering up by the first week of January, you get 2X bonus!